As a neuroscientist, I know that "it is all in the head" but I never thought to apply this knowledge to improving my strength and fitness until I met Justin. He taught me that the right mental attitude is just as important as the right combination of exercises and stretches. Not only is Justin the most well informed trainer I have met but he also takes his time to listen and adapt to each client's need, and knows how to convey his knowledge in the most encouraging and caring way. I have never felt healthier and fitter, and I have never had more fun getting there! Thank you!
- Annika
Through constant guidance under Justin, I now have the confidence to perform all the lifts knowing that my form is proper and that I am getting everything I need out of the particular motion. Justin's eye for detail and constant motivation have really encouraged me to perform my best and push myself beyond what I believe my limits were.
- In
I really wanted to simply improve my general health through fat loss, muscle growth, and improved cardiovascular function. Justin quickly put me on the path to achieving those goals, but he has also done so much more. Through his constant study and thirst for health and wellness knowledge, he has continually adjusted my training program to maximize the results. I've seen huge improvements in my health that have far exceeded what I could have imagined. Justin is an exceedingly supportive professional who carries himself with great humility, so there's no need to feel intimidated at the prospect of starting training. He clearly takes pride in his work, and I'm very grateful for the significant changes that he's made in my life.
- Ron
Working out with Justin has truly been the best thing I have ever decided to do. It has changed my life. From teaching me about my body, and its movements, to helping with nutrition and stretching. Always making sure all exercises are done the correct way, but also never allowing me to take it easy. He is always willing to help, and answer any questions I have (which have been many). When I have some strange muscle that is sore, or tight, Justin always knows a stretch or roll that fixes it right up, his knowledge of the human body amazes me.
Thanks to Justin, my life has changed, I lost 50 lbs in the first 4 months, and 73 lbs after just 6 months. I have now maintained my current weight for the last 3 months, while getting much stronger, and am greatly looking forward to the next year to see what I can accomplish with Justin's help.
- Wayne
I am a product of yo-yo dieting, chasing whatever diet or exercise trend that graces the covers of magazines and our social media feeds. It’s been a vicious, and exhausting, cycle my whole life. It wasn’t until I met Justin that this forever changing landscape of my existence finally transformed. Justin taught me to be consciously aware of my surroundings and completely changing my outlook on exercise, nutrition and life as a whole. He has showed me that diet and exercise isn’t about how fast you lose weight but it is teaching your mind and body to work together towards your ultimate goal. I have been able to focus more on the strength training, be mindful of the environment around me and take better care of my overall health. Once I unlocked that mindset, all the crash diets and fad exercises that I had been chasing are a thing of the past and I am now set on the right path, consciously working towards my goals. I’m down in inches, dress sizes, feeling strong with an open mind. Thank you everything Justin! I look forward to continuing on the journey with you.
- Jen