Functional Cardio and Fat Loss

The “Functional” in functional training is an important thing to understand. Being functional goes beyond loosing some body fat, or working on your cardio.

Being functional comes down to how well you can control the insulin response in your body. With your own free will, choose to not eat sugar, to monitor and manage when you choose to release insulin into your body. That’s one hormone, we can control the function of our hormones if we choose to do it.

Close to 50% of the population is pre-diabetic (insulin resistant) or diabetic.

It can be managed by lifestyle if you practice the control of the function of your insulin hormone. When and how you choose to consume sugar will teach your body and your DNA overtime how to respond to the spike of blood sugar. You can teach yourself good habits or bad habits. Control your the function of insulin and you can control your body fat.

All the factors of kids, convenience, busy schedules, mental stress, etc could have a factor on your insulin response and therefor your body fat.

If you cant manage it on your own, hire a coach, listen and do everything they say. It’s not worth having diabetes or sacrificing your health for even a year. You’ll be spending another year or more trying to combat the damage you’ve done.

“Cardio” Is a short for for cardio vascular health. Cardio being your heart and your lungs. Vascular being your veins and arteries.

The function of your heart has two extremes, pushing it really hard, and slowing it down.
How well can you feel your own heart rate?
How well can you control the tempo of how fast and how slow it’s beating in your chest?

Lungs are another beast.

How fast can they move?
How slow can you consciously move them?
How well can they adsorb oxygen?
How well control the pace of your lungs and therefor breathing?

You’ll cap your “cardio” after about 2 months of running.

we have 60,000 miles of veins and arteries in our bodies, that’s 2 and a half times around the earth. They control the flow of blood in our bodies. Improving function of your veins and arteries comes from contracting them. Environmental conditioning is the best way to do that. Cold and hot exposure force the veins and arteries to contract and relax. Going upside down teaches your body to move blood from your head to your feet, that’s functional blood flow!

Function of just cardio is a big thing to understand and take into account all the factors that effect it, you really need a comprehensive plan including mobility, breath training, cold exposure, heat exposure, and even inversions if you want to continually improve it.

The ability to control your body composition and control how your cardio functions is real dominance.

Expand and develop yourself and in every way.

Love always,