Hi! I'm Justin.

I've been diagnoses and hospitalized with Bipolar 1 disorder (that's the bad kind of bipolar inducing psychotic, manic episodes and very deep depressive states)

Using a variety of healthy living/holistic techniques, I'm taking charge of my life and health. I now confidently live medication free.

I go between a very serious, emotionally driven, passionate & strong minded force and an incredibly playful and joyful individual.

I started looking at the brain when going through treatment for bipolar.  Spending time in the health and fitness industry I continued to grow what I knew about the brain along with everything the body does and how they work together. The rabbit hole of education and knowledge associated with the brain is and limitless and constantly expanding.  I continue to grow my scope of knowledge on not only the brain but the body as a living electric system, how everything functions, and how it impacts all the things we accomplish.

I transitioned slowly from an employee to self employed, as I did I began to read and listen to business leaders at the top of the industry.  I noticed that most of the "business gurus" spend a lot of their attention on the brain and its impact on businesses, entrepreneurs and success. This realization radically shifted all that I do for clients.

My extensive background in the body and always growing knowledge of the brain has allowed me to develop a business of making entrepreneurs and athletes perform at their constantly expanding potential.

At the end of the day I'm a compassionate, driven, passionate, and ultimately, successful professional that has helps shift individuals everyday into living a healthy, abundant lifestyle.

I'm here to inspire possibility.
I'm here to deliver passion.
I'm here to speak truth.
I'm here to bring value into your life.

I'm on a mission to expand the scope of what human beings are capable of.  
Freedom within the brain and a mastery of 100% of the cognitive process means ultimate freedom.
Let's develop a dominance of the entire universe that we're creating in our own heads.