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CEO Fitness - Personal Training

An investment will make a substantial positive shift in your life, business, stress, productivity, focus and mental acuity.

When I work with clients regularly I'm working with them as their expert on the topic of their well-being physically and mentally.  Get rid of the noise of health fad this and health fad that.  I'd love to help you become the best version of yourself.

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Brain-Body Alignment

Using a variety of techniques I work with the bodies nervous system and fascia to keep your entire system in balance.  

Become pain free in a matter of minutes.  Improve overall body alignment.  Improve overall well-being.

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Movement Mentorship

Do you want to explore the full extent of what your body can do?   Whether it be to evolve your yoga practice, improve body weight movement skills, strength or greatly improve your mobility and flexibility.  I want to help you grow your movement practice.  This system or teaching requires dedicated time every day to improve the potential of your body.  Complex movement is my goal.  Achieve a high level of complexity in the body and the brain then also understands a high level of complexity.  

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